giving thanks to fragile men (my thoughts on the debate around Dr. Jill Biden’s title)

Over the past few days, political commentators and men-who-were-broken-up-with-once-by-a-woman alike have been calling for Dr. Jill Biden to renounce her title of “Dr.” because she does not practice medicine. To these people I ask, do you know how the American education system works? In Spring 2020 I graduated with two Bachelor’s degrees yet, I am not a bachelor. Confused? I know it can be scary when a woman takes credit for her accomplishments, but you can take comfort in the fact that, she’s still being paid less than you are <3.

The author of the WSJ article “Is There a Doctor in the White House? Not if You Need an M.D.”, which sparked the debate around whether or not Dr. Jill Biden should be able to take credit for the degree she’s earned, seems to have missed a critical point: this article isn’t about Dr. Jill Biden at all, rather his own fragile ego and inability to report on real news stories.

Aside from my initial reaction to this article, which was to cackle to myself and then hop on Twitter, I did a bit more thinking surrounding its functionality.

In conservative opinion (unfounded and void of evidence) pieces like this one, what usually ends up being revealed is the insecurities and shortcomings of the author in place of an actual news story. On the bright side of course, men like the author of the WSJ pieces are the reason I will never run out of sarcastic comments and writing material.

I’ll end now with a very surface-level “thank you” to the author of this piece and all those who have thrown their support behind it: without you, I would have no future in comedy <3.



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  1. Aleta Margolis says:

    I wonder if it would make the author more comfortable if she went by the title ‘Nurse Biden’ – that feels a little less threatening. And hey, we women are used to compromising!


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